Quoin Rock Red Blend 2017

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We processed the different cultivars in stainless steel tanks, French oak barrels and concrete open casks until fermentation was finished. For the best extractions, we did between four and five punch downs daily for the first two-thirds of the fermentation period. For the rest of the time, we did some gentle pump-overs. The wine was then left on the skins for 21 days of maceration before pressing took place. Finally, the wine was pumped into oak barrels for malolactic fermentation for optimal oak integration.


The cultivars used in this red blend grow in the foothills of Simonsberg. Here, the well-drained Hutton and Clovelly soils promote the fruit expression in the berries. Because of the elevation of the vineyards, the southwestern winds have a cooling effect in summer, giving the grapes time to ripen at a slower pace.


After fermentation, we left the wine to age for nearly 24 months in 55% new French oak 225-litre barrels. This was followed by blending and bottling, whereafter the wine was bottle-aged for four years.


On the nose, this wine has complex layers of dark berries, ripe plums, cranberries, black olives, leather, vanilla oak and hints of pencil shavings. On the palate, the red blend delivers big, structured layers of fruit, tomato cocktail and wood before it finishes with elegant and lingering velvety tannins; a beautiful example of new-world fruit and old-world elegance.


A bold, powerful wine that matches most red meat dishes and rich cheeses perfectly.


Cultivar/s | Cabernet Sauvignon 75% | Cabernet Franc 10% | Merlot 5.5% | Malbec 5.5% | Petit Verdot 4%

Vintage | 2017

Origin | Simonsberg Stellenbosch

Harvested | March 2017

Bottled | 15 January 2019


Alcohol: 15% | Residual Sugar: 2.6g/L | Total Acidity: 6.2g/L | pH: 3.59

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