Quoin Rock Vine Dried 2023 | 375ml

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We harvest the grapes from the oldest Sauvignon Blanc block on Quoin Rock. This block has been planted in 1983 and is certified as a heritage vineyard. Before the harvest, we carefully desiccate (pinch) the bunches on the vines to let the berries turn into raisins so that the juice becomes an aromatic and concentrated Sauvignon Blanc syrup to form the basis of this wine. The dried grapes are normally harvested at 38°B sugar.


At the cellar, we destem and press the bunches to extract the golden syrup at the coldest possible temperatures. We then let the wine settle for two days before we rack it to stainless steel tanks for fermentation. Fermentation happens at cold temperatures and takes about three months.


Our Vine Dried Sauvignon Blanc is left to age in bottles for approximately six months before release.


This is an expressive and classical example of a vine-dried wine. The Quoin Rock Vine Dried Sauvignon Blanc presents vibrant lychee, dried fruit, apricot pips, and honey on the nose. On the palate, there is a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity with a fresh citric and lime finish.


Ideally served at around 6 to 8 ̊C, it can be enjoyed as an aperitif, yet it will also be wonderful with foie gras, fruit-based desserts, and cheese, or as an ice-cream topping.


Cultivar/s | Sauvignon Blanc 100% Vintage | 2022
Origin | Simonsberg, Stellenbosch Harvested | April 2022
Bottled | 8 July 2022Size: 1 x 375ml


Alcohol: 11.54%
Residual sugar: 135.3g/L
Total Acidity: 6.3g/L pH: 3.37



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